Friday, 21 December 2012

Audi R20

When Audi announced the R8 E-tron has been dropped we were pretty disappointed. But, for our surprise, it looks like Audi hasn’t entirely dropped the idea of offering a hybrid supercar: new rumors suggest that in the next three years we will see a street-legal version of the very successful LeMans race car.

The new model will be called R20 and will be offered with the trademark full-length tailfin of an R18 LeMans racer. In order to help us distinguish it as an Audi model, the R20 will be equipped with a downsized, single-frame grille; stacked LED headlights; ventilated front and rear wings; and an adjustable rear spoiler. The best part is that the next R20 will be offered with gullwing doors which will offer access to a highly equipped interior. It will offer a multi-functional black panel center display, active-contour seats with integrated four-point belts and tons of other technology features.

Under the hood Audi will combine a 550 HP twin-turbo V-6 engine with two electric motors that will drive the front wheels. The R20 will also be equipped with brake energy recuperation, high-speed coasting, and a broader start-stop application.

The new Audi R20 will be unveiled in 2015 at the Pebble Beach event. Production will begin in the spring of 2016 and there will be only 100-250 units offered.

Audi R20 originally appeared on on Friday, 21 December 2012 13:00 EST.

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