Sunday, 30 September 2012

Volkswagen Confirms in Paris that the Bluesport will not Happen, Yet

Well, we guess not only good things can come out of car shows, as we often find out our fair share of bad news. The latest out of Volkswagen is a killer though. A model that we have been speculating on and that has been turned on and off more than a public restroom hand dryer is finally confirmed as D.O.A., for now. Sadly enough, this highly anticipated model is the Bluesport roadster.

The last we heard of the Bluesport was when Ulrich Hackenberg, VW?s head of R&D, told EVO that the Bluesport project was alive and well, despite rumors of its demise. He even went as far as to place a roughly �30,000 price tag on it.

After an interview with Autocar at the Paris Motor Show, Hackenberg said that there is ?no business case? and ?we didn?t find a market for it? in reference to the Bluesport, tossing a bucket of ice on all of our hopes in the process. In the same breath, however, Hackenberg also made it clear that this isn?t the end of the Bluesport, but rather just a suspension until the market shakes loose.

The reasoning Hackenberg gives for suspending it is to avoid the death blow, which is an outright rejection of the project by upper management. He made it clear that if a market open up for the Bluesport in VW?s lineup it will be quick and easy to install it and get things rolling.

So for now we just have to accept the fact that Vee-Dub will continue on without its sporty roadster for the foreseeable future. As always, we?ll keep a close eye on this one, as Volkswagen is a tricky lot sometimes and could pull a complete 180.

Volkswagen Confirms in Paris that the Bluesport will not Happen, Yet originally appeared on on Friday, 28 September 2012 17:00 EST.

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