Sunday, 26 August 2012

Mercedes SLS Roadster by Domanig

Two years after they built a program for the Mercedes SLS AMG, German tuner Domanig has come out with another program, only this time, it’s for the SLS AMG Roadster.

While there isn’t any aesthetic modifications done on the car, the German tuner did have a couple of things in store for the SLS Roadster. The first is the wheels, which Domanig takes pride in. For this particular program, the German tuner fitted the SLS Roadster with a new set of 20" SOM03 wheels in the front and wrapped it in 275/30ZR20 Michelin Super Sport tires. Over at the back, the choice was 21" DOM06 wheels rapped in 305/25/ZR21 Michelin Super Sport tires.

Moving on to the car’s suspension, Domanig added a new KW suspension system that not only lowers the car’s ride height by 30mm, but also makes it work in tandem with the supercar’s standard Ride Control system.

Finally, Domanig made some engine tweaking to the SLS Roadster 6.3-liter V8 engine and ramped up its output from the standard 571 horsepower to past 600 ponies. 620 horsepower, to be accurate.

Overall, the program is bereft of the style of other tuners, but as far as unbridled power is concerned, it gave quite a bit of an added punch.

Mercedes SLS Roadster by Domanig originally appeared on on Friday, 24 August 2012 17:00 EST.

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