Friday, 29 June 2012

Small block Chevy longtube headers

I'm working on a project to make a replica of my wife's 94 Z28.  I need long tube headers for a regular small block Chevy engine.  All I'm finding my stash are shortys, Nascar-type headers or street rod headers (that exit out the side).  I'd like to find a set of regular long tube headers that one would install in a street car. 

Does anyone know of any kits that are available these days that might have such an animal?  I'll be happy to buy a kit to use for spares.  I have a pretty decent stash, and have looked at all the ones I think might have something, but I'm having no luck. 

Anyone have any spares?  Thanks for looking.

Gene Beaird,
Pearland, Texas



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