Thursday, 28 June 2012

New Jersey Leg of F1 Circuit Put on Hold


Between F1 and INDYCAR, we are unsure which of the open-wheeled racing conglomerates are in worse shape. INDYCAR gets bumped by a beer festival, then can?t find a location quick enough to replace it, so cancels the race altogether. Then again, F1 has its head honcho, Bernie Ecclestone, in hot water for bribing various banking officials. Both circuits, F1 more than INDYCAR, are constantly under fire for their lack of parity, as the same drivers/teams win over and over again. We don?t have an issue with the lack of parity, we say let the best driver and car win, but the public tends to get bored by it.

Now F1 is joining INDYCAR in the cancelling of races, as after saying that the New Jersey leg of its U.S. tour may be pushed back to 2014. Now Ecclestone is saying ?No. Definitely no,? that the race will not happen in 2013. This all comes following Sebastian Vettel?s test drive of the course and him saying that the track is ?nowhere near ready.?

Following his pretty definitive statement, Ecclestone backed up and reworded his statement by saying that if organizers get the NJ track ready, it will be added to the 2013 calendar.

This is obviously one gigantic mess, as even the event organizers in NJ are saying that they are ahead of schedule and have not hit any of the snags that the other American leg, Austin, Texas, hit. So, maybe Ecclestone is jumping the gun a little on this one, so we will have to keep an eye one what?s going on here.

New Jersey Leg of F1 Circuit Put on Hold originally appeared on on Wednesday, 27 June 2012 17:00 EST.

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