Sunday, 24 June 2012

87 Mustang 5.0 Resto

Wats up guys,

Well after a long break and jus finishing up my orange 64 Impala my passion for building is in full effect! A couple days ago I picked up a 69 Z28 for my next build and after looking through some spare part boxes I came across an old build of mine. I believe its the AMT 87 Mustang kit. Most of the pieces were there jus broke apart. The pictures make it look in better shape then it was. I think the camera flash made it brighter too cause the white paint actually had that yellowish tint like if it had been by the window sun tanning for years lol Still not really sure wat I want to do with her? street or traffic light to traffic light racer!! Any feedback or ideas welcomed




Richard Attwood Manny Ayulo Luca Badoer Giancarlo Baghetti Julian Bailey Mauro Baldi

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