Monday, 28 May 2012

Ferrari 126ck and 126c2 WIP

Gilles Villeneuve was one of my idols, when i was a kid. Here in the quebec province he was our heroe. I still remember that day of may 8th ,1982. I was 12 yrs old, washing my dad's car on a sunny saturday, then the music on the radio turned off to announce that Gilles had this terrible accident in zolder and died.....What a shock, i remember it like if it was yesterday.

So i'll be building Fujimi's 126ck and 126c2 in tribute to my younger days heroe. The 126ck was raced in 1981 and will be built with the cowling glued in place with only exterior details while 1982's 126c2 will be built on stands with the cowling and wheels off, with full detail.

I got the KA models FMD detail set for the 126c2 and the Hobby Design detail set for the 126ck

2011-12-17 003

I had to remove the little areation wings on the side, the detail sets providing some photoetch one

2011-12-17 006

here's the c2 removed

2011-12-17 004

the c2 with photoetch

2011-12-24 040

the ck with photoetch

2011-12-24 041

Here's the dash and steering wheels

2012-01-29 003

I used some fishing line to scratchbuild  the fuel lines on the engine for the 126c2

2012-02-05 009

2012-02-05 011

2012-02-05 012

I used k&s aluminum tubing to make more realistic exhaust tips on the c2, with the photoetched parts of the detail set

2012-02-12 011

here's the exhausts  painted in copper coated with a mixture of tamiya's clear, titanium silver and clear blue

2012-02-12 024

the 1/1 car 126c2 has wire mesh "bulbs" while the kis'one are on plastic, i did not like it so t took them off to scratchbuild some with wiremesh from an airbrush filter

2012-02-19 001

2012-02-19 003

2012-02-19 004

2012-02-19 005

2012-02-19 006

2012-02-19 009

some other work on c2 's engine

2012-02-12 025

2012-02-12 026

here is an overview of all the parts with paint and some assembly

2012-02-19 017

Thanks for looking


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